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Garry Sandhu giving advice to the youth who came to Canada

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Gary Sandhu, a Punjabi singer who has identified songs like ‘Me Ni Pinda’, ‘Tohar Shakini Paunda Ae’, ‘Sahan to Pyara’, and a Punjabi singer who has recently shared a video on his Instagram account, Special advice have been given to the youth who came in Canada. In fact, Garry Sandhu has been saying to the youth coming to Canada in this video, “You are a charisma that came to the country with a visa.” After that, he said about himself that I was in Canada for 10 years, without a visa. Whenever there was an ambulance, I was afraid and ran away. I felt like a Policeman in the ambulance. ”

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It is to be said that Garry Sandhu has been illegally resigned in the UK on 14 January 2011 by the UK’s Badger Agency on October 1, 2011, in addition to immigration law and many other lawsuits. Confirming this, Desi Blitz was received by an email from the UK Badger Agency, which was announced by Desi Blitz publicly. In January 2008, Garry Sandhu was again arrested for allegedly violating the law in an attempt to drive a vehicle without insurance. The Badger agency again arrested Garry on December 16 and forcibly left India for the night of 12 January 2011.

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